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Materials used
The majority of the sculptures shown in the catalogue are made of Low Carbon Steel (Mild Steel).
The thickness will vary from 1mm to 5mm depending on application.  Other metals can be used eg stainless steel, copper and brass. The choice will depend again on the application.
The sculptures can be finished in various coatings depending on preference and placement.
For indoor and conservatory use, the creations can be patterned and clear lacquered to fix and maintain the finish, as shown on the Liver Bird below.
Sculptures are painted in a variety of colours using different paint system.  For these items we apply two coats of red oxide, one coat of grey oxide and colours of your choice.
Items can also be galvanised before the colour finish is applied, if required. They can also be either left galvanized or for an effective appearance can be galvanized and etched.
* For a small additional cost we are now able to offer Powder Coating being applied to most items, this has the dual effect of exceptional resistance to weather and a deep rich colour.

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Liver Bird in lacquer

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Butterfly painted

Health and Safety

By their very design some of the creations have sharp edges which could be a hazard if the item is not located correctly.

It is, therefore, suggested  that thought should be given to the location and securing of the items to protect children and vulnerable people from any hazards.

Methods of fixing can be supplied upon request.



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