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Tony Ford is a local craftsman working in the Hamlet of Llanmartin.  He produces totally original sculptures for both indoor and outdoor use.  The range of sculptures is as wide as your imagination.

Everyone an original

Oakdale Iron 'Works' is based in the Hamlet of Llanmartin (just to the west of Newport) in the county of Monmouthshire in South Wales.  We produce metal sculptures that can be for indoor or outdoor use.  They vary in size from approximately 9" (230mm) to 9' (3 m) and larger - to order.

About the designer

Tony Ford has a life time of experience in welding and fabrication.  He has spent his working life teaching in a local college and as Head of a Department of Engineering.  He is now putting his many years of experience into his sculptures.  He started with garden sculptures but as his work became known he has branched out into many different themes including dragons, knights, animals, birds, weather-vanes and the odd angel or ostrich!!

An artist and his work!

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Part of a colection based in Warren Glade woods Thornwell Chepstow.



Our range is extensive as there is very little repetition.  A selection, and that is all it is, is shown in our catalogue section.  Most work is carried out on a commission basis, with customers bringing their ideas to the creation process.
The extent of our range is as wide as your imagination.  We like a challenge and can turn most ideas into a reality.  Test our ability to satisfy your imagination and we know you will return.
Please contact us if you need advice on how to site or secure your sculpture or advice on maintenance to ensure your sculpture remains vibrant and interesting.



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